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In the foundation’s sixth year, Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse allocates almost half a million Norwegian kroner to 12 animal welfare projects.

Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse was established in 2013 with the purpose of safeguarding the interests of animals. Annually, the foundation allocates funds to projects such as traditional animal welfare work, education, research, political information work on animal welfare and the like. Allocations are based on applications submitted to the foundation. In 2018, the foundation supports 12 projects with almost half a million kroner.

“Many organizations and individuals work tirelessly to improve the welfare of animals. We appreciate that,” says the Board of Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse in a comment.

The allocations of the Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse are founded on the recommendations of the Foundation Council, providing its recommendations to the Board. The councilors are Frode Lingaas, Professor and Veterinarian, Guri Larsen, Professor of Criminology, Lise Myhre, cartoonist, Roger Petterson, Secretary General of World Animal Protection Sweden and Bodil Eikeset, Head of the Norwegian House Cat Association. The council positions are personal and unpaid.

“One project is particularly interesting this year. The Norwegian organization NOAH will write a report to highlight the unfortunate consequences of the Norwegian Dog Law that can lead to harmless dogs being euthanized. We hope NOAH will work with other organizations to achieve their goal, “said Professor and Veterinarian Frode Lingaas, chairman of the Foundation Council of Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse.

The Stiansen Award

Annually, Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse also awards the Stiansen Award to individuals or organizations that have made an extraordinary effort to safeguard the interests of animals. This year, the foundation did not receive an adequate number of high-quality nominations, and in consultation with the Foundation Council, the Board decided not to distribute the award in 2018.

“We would like to thank you for all your nominations and look forward to giving out the Stiansen Award again next year,” says Lingaas.

Organizations that received funds from the foundation in 2018:

  • Foreningen for omplassering av dyr
  • NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter
  • Solplassen hvile- og omplasseringshjem for hunder
  • «Katteiere i Holmestrand» ved Magnar Ytreland
  • Pinnsvinhjelpen
  • Fuglehjelpen
  • Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge, Nord-Jæren
  • AniCura Grünerløkka
  • Moss og Omegn Dyrebeskyttelse
  • Anima – Stopp dyremishandling
  • Dyrebeskyttelsen Lillestrøm og omegn
  • Insamlingsstiftelsen Chickas Minnesfond

For more information, please contact info(at)stiansenstiftelsen.no

Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse will from now on review project funding applications every six months, and not on an on-going basis. The next review period is in the Spring of 2014.

For more information, please contact: info(at)stiansenstiftelsen.no

Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse is now open to receive applicants for financial assistance. You or your organization can apply for funding from this website. The Foundation has received many requests since its launch in March this year.

– The enthusiasm around the launch has been overwhelming. We have received many wonderful feedbacks from passionate people with big hearts. It is inspiring and great to see that so many people work for animal interests, says Terje Pedersen, CEO of Stiansen Property.

The foundation will be able to benefit individuals, associations or projects that in the Board’s opinion, directly or indirectly contribute to the advancement of the foundation’s purpose.

The Foundation will distribute funds in two ways:
The Stiansen Award is a prize that will be awarded annually to someone who has made an important contribution to animal welfare. You can now nominate individuals or organizations that have distinguished themselves in the struggle for animal rights by completing the application form found here on the Foundation’s website.

Nominations are open until August 1st, and the winner is announced on October 13th each year.
Project support: You can also apply for funding for various projects related to animal welfare through the application form located under “Project Support”. It will be possible to apply for financial support to small and large projects on an ongoing basis.

The winner of the Stiansen Award and the decision on which projects will receive support is determined by the board of the Foundation, based on recommendations from the Foundation’s council.

Dag S. Stiansen has established Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse, with the purpose of protecting animal interests. The Foundation is now formally approved by the Registration Authority and registered in The Brønnøysund Register Centre.

Each year the Foundation will distribute the Stiansen Award to individuals and/or organizations that have made an extraordinary effort to help animals over the past year. The foundation will also provide financial support to projects that promote animal rights.

– The animals are among the weakest in our society, since they are unable to speak up for themselves. My wife and I have long had a strong commitment to animal welfare. With this foundation we want to give something back to the community by providing support to those who work for animal interests, says Dag S. Stiansen.

The winner of the Stiansen Award and the projects that will be supported will be determined by the board of the Foundation. The board will receive assistance from an expert council. The Foundation’s council shall be composed of people who have good knowledge about the work of animal rights.

Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse was established to administer the proprietorship of the Stiansen Eiendom companies after the owner himself has passed away. Ever since Dag S. Stiansen’s will of 1986, Dag S. Stiansen has wanted to establish a foundation. The Foundation is set to be funded by cash deposits and shares from the real estate company Stiansen Eiendom. Dag Stiansen and his wife Trine have, with the exception of the legal share of the inheritance received by Dag S. Stiansen heirs, willed all their assets to the foundation.