Norwegian animal organization NOAH awarded the Stiansen Award

Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse has decided to award this year’s Stiansen Award to the Norwegian animal organization NOAH. The foundation makes special mention of NOAH’s work for animal rights and the idea of a separate animal police as bakground for the award.    

– NOAH is an organization that strives to promote animal welfare, and I am very pleased to give the award to them. Their work for the creation of a separate animal police is something Trine and myself particularly like, says Dag S. Stiansen.

The Stiansen Award consists of a sculpture by Elena Engelsen and a contribution of NOK 50,000. It is awarded for the first time this year, and will be awarded annually, to individuals or organizations that have made extraordinary efforts to promote animal rights and welfare. The foundation council proposes candidates to the foundation board based on nominations received, while the board makes a final decision.

– The foundation has received a number of excellent nominations for Stiansen Award. The foundation council has assessed all the proposals, and appreciated the great commitment shown for animal welfare and interests, both by private persons and different organizations. This year’s award emphasizes broad approaches to improve animal welfare and the protection of their rights, says Frode Lingaas, chairman of the foundation council in Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse.

The foundation council is an independent expert body that provides advice and recommendations to the board, and consists of individuals with high expertize and involvement in animal welfare. The council consists of: Frode Lingaas, professor at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Guri Larsen, professor in criminology at the University of Oslo, Unni Lindell, author, Lise Myhre, cartoonist, Roger Petterson, secretary general of the Worlds’ Poultry Science Organization in Sweden, Maria Været Veggeland, senior advisor in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Bodil Eikeset, leader of Norsk Huskattforening. The members are unpaid and engaged for two-year periods.

Project funding

Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse also provides financial support for projects that promote the welfare and rights of animals. A total of NOK 480,000 has been awarded this year, allocated to the following projects/organizations:

  • Solplassen – Relocation of old and ownerless dogs
  • Håvard Rosenlund at the University of KwaZulu-Natal – PhD project on the Maputaland leopards
  • Dyrebeskyttelsen’s project “Animal House”
  • The NOAH project “Elephants out of the circus”*
  • Dyrevernalliansen (The Animal Welfare Alliance)
  • Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti
  • Norsk Viltsykehus (The Norwegian Wildlife Hospital)
  • Dyrevern Ung (Animal Protection Youth)

The awards are based on applications received by the foundation. The projects and organizations receiving financial support will be monitored to ensure the best usage of the foundation funds. Their daily operations and future initiatives are outside the foundation’s responsibility.

* Council member Maria Været Veggeland declared a conflict of interest with regard to this application.  

For more information, please contact: info(at)